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Michael J Barnes Photography LLC Proudly Presents Rare Earth International

VASCO DE GAMA, FERDINAND MAGELLAN, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND JACQUES COUSTEAU were some of earth’s greatest explorers. The fullness of the earth filled their veins with a sense of wonder and awe and their tremendous resolve and boldness allowed them to experience the rugged and rare earth. So also is the lifeblood of Rare Earth International and therefore with pointed defiance we beckon each of you to live life to the fullest and kiss good-bye forgettable vacations by reaching for the utmost limits of our world-class photo safari company.



Somewhere between our obsessive wanderlust and rebellion burns a fire that drove both Lord Byron and his guru of all that's technical, Michael J. Barnes, to envision and create the ultimate photo safari ~ Rare Earth International. They simply refused to compromise their bold visionary quest for nothing is closer to the soul of the brand.


The authenticity of Rare Earth has been earned through the hard work, determination and sacrifice of the founders. For more than a decade they have been crafting and fusing originality, exhaustive first-hand insight and imbued finesse to earn the respect of the greatest photographers and adventurers on the planet. They have done this by shattering the conventional constraints of photo workshops employed by most photographers and have redefined it by chasing down and presenting you with the absolute rarest, most desirable and supremely rewarding photographic opportunities that our planet earth has to offer.


Rare Earth International is very distinctive and proudly stands above other pictorial workshops because we’ve taken the high road of photographic offerings. Our choice of destinations, our knowledge of the environments, our proficiency with our clientele all bear the unmistakable mark of enduring quality, regal sophistication and impeccable style which can only be delivered by Rare Earth.

We summon those who seek an honest and honorable brand - a true icon of Photo Safari-ism and a global trendsetter that elevates human experience and photo workshops to the level of fine art.


Our competitors are simply blown away as REi’s skill-set remains unrivaled and unstoppable for the founders are much more than just point-and-shoot photogs. Both wield encyclopedic expertise in natural history functioning comfortably as accomplished indexers of birds, marine mammals, reptiles, primates, large African mammals, succulents, tropical hardwoods and palms. Further, they are enduring students and teachers on subjects as diverse as marine, desert, forest and grassland ecology.

Moreover, the founders are accomplished international tour guides and independent voyagers having worked in wide-ranging locals such as the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bahamas and other Caribbean islands, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, United Arab Emirates, India, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


Rare Earth International sets the benchmark for others to pursue and is destined to become the most sought-after brand of photo-safari-ism on the planet. World-class travelers will always inspire us to seek out, conquer and deliver the unexpected quest of a life time by erasing the lines of “it can’t be done” by merging dreams with vivid reality. We will continue to challenge the limits of possibility and reach for new milestones of experience for those who appreciate and aspire to great and memorable vacations preserved with our light-boxes and captured within our souls.

Inspired by earth’s beauty, human culture, clean living and wanderlust RARE EARTH INTERNATIONAL remains simple, pure and authentic. We’ve earned the right to be considered one of the very best photo workshops on our rare and beautiful earth.

Michael J. Barnes Photography has partnered with Lord Byron Photography to deliver the most comprehensive and most memorable photo tours available. Together, we are Rare Earth International ~ join us for your next adventure!


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